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It’s An Example Of Brushed And Brushless Motor Uses

In some electronic devices, there is usually a driving tool, namely brushless motor and brushed motor. That way, then you will be able to see the electronic appliance work. If the appliance is damaged, then you can get it back on BLDC motor. You will find various types of brushless motors there and tailored to your needs.

An example of the use of brushless motors and brushed motors is the dynamo that is used for Tamiya or the like, including into the brushed motor type. In addition, the dynamo on a printer that has two cables, it also includes brushed and the last one that clearly is a drone motor.

Meanwhile, the use of the brushless motor is not only used on RC only, in some chance this type of motor is also used for the robot. This type of motor is rated better than brushed but the price is more expensive. of both, you only need to use what you really need.