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Here’s How To Know Your Remote Air Conditioner Is Still Working

You who use air conditioner have experience damage if the air conditioner cannot be turned on by using the remote. In addition to the damage, you will often find another damage is greater. If there is damage that you can not handle yourself, it would be better if using the services of air conditioner servicing singapore in order to get good handling.

How do I know if AC remote is working or not? The way is quite easy, namely by using the hp camera. Now, follow these steps.
– Point the remote part of the led lamp to the hp camera.
– Press any remote button.
– Pay attention to your phone screen, if when you press one of the buttons on the remote and on your hp screen shows the flame led light, which means the remote is in normal condition. But if there is no flash of light, now try to replace the AC remote battery. Perhaps the battery power has been reduced.