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Why Does Sweet Food Make Cavities?

Sweet foods cause cavities, you can fix that by visiting Brit Phillips DDS – Fort Worth Dentist. But, does sweet food really cause cavities?

Actually, the main cause of cavities is not sugar. Porous teeth are caused by bacteria that live in the mouth. These bacteria eat away at the remnants of carbohydrates in our teeth. They include the sweet foods you eat, such as sugar found in cookies, candies, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Why sweet foods become one cause of cavities?
Sugars include carbohydrates. When these carbohydrates are digested, the bacteria in the mouth eat them and produce acids. Saliva mixed with acid can form dental plaque. Well, this plaque that actually causes cavities. This plaque consists of bacteria and acids. If the tooth is not cleaned properly and routinely, the plaque will gnaw the outside of the tooth called enamel, resulting in a small opening on the tooth surface. If the hole is not handled, slowly the hole will widen. Not only the outer layer, long-old bacteria will gnaw the middle (dentin) until the third layer called the pulp.