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Facts About the Use of Internet

In the era of sophisticated technology like now, it seems difficult yes if you want to work fast without the internet. Starting from looking for sources for college assignments, even to find a suitable girlfriend, everything can now be easier if through the virtual world. Detached from what connection you are using now whether it is internet pelosok, here are some facts about internet usage.

– Visitors from video provider sites YouTube total watch 6 billion hours of video each month, and over 300 minutes of video uploaded every second. The interesting thing is, 80% of YouTube visitors even come from outside the United States.

– There are now 1.49 billion users from Facebook and they use the largest social media site for an average of 21 minutes per day and share content of 1.3 million posts per minute.

– Successful time-consuming mobile apps from smartphone users are up, up to 18%. When combined with the time of Facebook Messenger and Instagram, the total even reaches 22.4% worldwide. The second application that garnered the most total use on mobile was Pandora, which reached 10.5%.