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The Function of Family Therapy

Family therapy in Oklahoma City teaches non-coercive solutions, teaches parents to set discipline on their children, encourages each family member to communicate clearly to one another, educates family members in the principle of behavior change, does not emphasize errors on one member but helps family members whether expectations for other members make sense.

Family Therapy is a new way of identifying a person’s problem, understanding the behavior, the development of the symptoms and the way to solve them.

Here, the therapist tries to find the main problem of the client problem in the family context, not as an individual problem. The goal is to reduce the blame that leads to one person. For example, the therapist conveys that the opposing and aggressive behavior of teenagers may be a sign of adolescent insecurity or a reason for getting more attention from his father. In many families experiencing stress, emotional messages are so hidden that family members talk more often than not. They often assume that they can “read each other’s minds”.