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3 Creative concepts for a wallet-friendly wedding party plan

For most people, the moment of marriage is an important point in the most anticipated life. On that occasion, the relationship expected to bring happiness in the future was finally inaugurated. However, there are also people who do not marry for two reasons, there is no companion or there is no capital to organize a party. Furthermore, the Wedding Venue these days can be quite pricey, so taking the budget into consideration is a must.

Legally if you already have a girlfriend then wait to have a lot of money to make a big party. However, rather than the one he waited over time, it would not hurt you to try to apply creative ideas that can cut the cost of your marriage. Well, here’s Hipwee give 6 tips, for the cost of marriage more comfortable with your wallet.

1. Conventional Invitation = Must Waste = Waste of Money

Before ordering an invitation, make sure you divide your invited guests into two categories: the recipient of the physical invitation and the online invitation. Candidates for physical invitations are those who (1) become a priority because of their proximity to you or the family (2) not actively surfing the social media. Such as your elderly brothers, your parents’ colleagues, colleagues whose positions are higher than you.

To save costs, choose an invitation design that is not too expensive but still unique. For example, invitations such as those in the picture above. Try to make wedding invitation with designs such as Samson paper clothing labels. Then you put it into a vintage themed envelope. Such invitations are unique, inexpensive, and more memorable than conventional rectangular invitations.

In addition, you can also save more budget by utilizing social media like Facebook, Instagram, or even Path. Make a video of your invitation, then tag your guest-guest. In addition, you can also try out this kind of online invitation. Invitations are rarely saved, so you do not have to spend much money on this.

2. Rent Uniforms and System Make-Rent Can Be The Choice To Save The Clothes Fund

Not infrequently, party funds can be swollen to buy uniforms of all large families whose numbers are not quite counted on the fingers. Moreover, there are two large families. Actually, this can be tricked, really. Take advantage of the services of wedding organizer that provides clothes rental as well as makeup. Rent family uniforms to save costs. But of course, you need to communicate this decision with the family. Whether they agree or feel renting clothes for other family members is considered a less respectful form.

In addition to rent, there are also other systems that are often called make-rent. This way, you collaborate with your wedding organizer to make clothes that fit your party needs. But then, these clothes you do not have but taken by the WO to rent to their other clients. This method can save you enough money, you usually only need to pay 50% of the total cost.

Even if your big family finally wants to make their own uniforms, make sure you buy materials not close to big days, because when the big day is often the price of cloth will rise dramatically.

3. With a Little Creativity, A Party Outdoors To Save The Budget

Now, the rents of buildings increasingly strangle the neck. For a capacity of 500 people only you have to spend tens of millions. It’s a new building, not a caterer-decor-and other stuff. Have you ever considered a wedding party that does not have to be solely inside the building?

Nothing wrong you try to make a minimalist outdoor party like in the yard, field, garden or around your house. Rental rates for open land tend to be more affordable than rental leases. For the decor, you can use it in collaboration with your art school boy or friends who like to decorate the room. The outdoor party does not need a splashy decor. The origin of the property is unique, your party will be remembered.

Another advantage of this outdoor party concept is to make guests more familiar with each other. For the convenience of invited guests, attach the tent at several points such as food queues and congratulations to keep guests from overheating. Guaranteed your wedding party aura more friendly and cool with a stretch of green grass.