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These Unique Facts Must Be Experienced By Writer!

1. Full of imagination
Author and imagination, these two things are definitely part of you. A writer will not have a single piece of work if you never have the imagination or fantasizing. So if you’re a writer, you’ll like to fantasize about it and that means you’re going to be successful at writing something. Even if the author tells of his personal experience as a vacation experience to Phoenix, Arizona then they will still need the imagination to live the storyline.

2. Deft
If you are again somewhere, whether it is outside the house or inside the house and then there is an idea that flashed suddenly appears, you have to be quick and quick to catch the idea right? Those ideas will disappear in the wind if you do not dexter?

3. Thorough
Want the author of any genre, the accuracy of a source and place is important for them. For a novel writer, a detailed storyline and a careful outcome must be inherent in you.

4. Moody
Writers sometimes smile a lot more when thinking about romantic dialogues and try to sad when the created characters have problems, whether it is psychic trauma or death.

5. Music lovers
Unwittingly the music will help your mood you change. Try it when you write something sad, at least you need quiet music and slicing your heart to let your mood the same as you write. And vice versa if you want to write something happy, try to listen to RnB music or similar music let your mood changed so happy.